Green Homes certified by RoGBC

The Romania Green Building Council has developed a low cost but comprehensive Green Homes certification to assess and recognize the top performing residential projects utilizing sustainable construction principles. Download here the RoGBC Green Homes & Green Mortgages Toolkit for Residential Investors, that includes a detail explanation of the program, the criteria, the benefits and the costs, and a selection of projects both certified and those seeking certification within the program.

For Residential Investors/Developers & Industry:





Detailed toolkit for Residential Investors/Developers & Industry:

The RoGBC holds monthly workshops that describe in detail the program and provide attendees the chance to ask questions.
Please visit the RoGBC Events Calendar to find the next scheduled Green Homes courses and workshops and register to participate.

Brief information for potential homebuyers or homeowners:

The Green Mortgage provides discounted mortgage pricing available to suitably-qualified, prospective home buyers interested in buying a home or apartment subject to guidelines established by the Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) related to superior energy efficiency and environmental considerations. See our GREEN HOMES toolkit for more details.