RoGBC Transilvania Branch

Given the high interest and rapid growth of green buildings in Romania, RoGBC launched a new branch in Transilvania. The new office will be located in Cluj and will cover the neighbouring counties. The organization will have the same infrastructure as the current one and will be organizing events and trainings with focus within the region.

Founding Members up to date:

Building the Future
Dico si Tiganas
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The official launch of RoGBC Transilvania took place on September 30, 2010!

Romania Green Building Council is a non-profit, non-political as sociatio n encouraging the market, educational, and legislative conditions necessary to promote high performance construction that is both sustainable and profitable.

The organization follows the model of other successful Green Building Councils (in countries such as US, UK and Germany), but has been adapted to the Romanian market requirements.

The RoGBC is the first Easte rn European Council accredited as an "Established Member" of the World Green Building Council (, an international organization that consists in over 65 Green Building Councils around the world at different development stages.

Target groups

The RoGBC is an inclusive organization recognizing the importance of the involvement of a wide array of companies including: Real Estate Developers, Investors, Facilities Managers, Construction Manufacturers, Expertise and Technology providers, Professional Firms (Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Lawyers, Etc.), Financial Services, Academia and NGOs.

Structure & management

The RoGBC is a non-profit organizati on owned by the member companies and managed by a specific board of directors elected for one year period. All member companies hold the veto right and may be represented in the elected board. The council elects a CEO which supervises the 8 employees each specialized on relevant green building issues. RoGBC Transilvania will be represented in the council's board by an elected representative of the local member companies.


The member companies associate themselves with the premier organization in Romania that promotes green building through private sector methods in support of government initiatives.

The council and its members benefit from exclusive coverage in media and events and are positioned as leaders in developing the next generation of high performance green buildings.


The Founding Member opportunity encompasses registration at minimum as general member at national level plus an additional one-time Founding Membership fee that will modify according to the registration period.

The annual General Membership RoGBC fees vary as follows: 350 Euro Authorized Physical Person (1 person company and no international affiliation), 750 Euro medium companies (2 to 5 personnel in Romania and/or <25 personnel internationally and/or <25M EUR investment projects), 1500 Euro large companies (>5 personnel in Romania and/or >25 personnel internationally).

In order to become Founding Member RoGBC Transilvania the additional one-time fee is 3750 EUR (before 31st of December 2011).

Founding Membership RoGBC Transilvania

The Founding Membership opportunity it is available until December 31, 2011!

Recent and upcoming activities

Romania Green Building Council:


Offered high standard qualified training in green sustainable construction that benefited more than 1000 participants. Romania Green Building Certification and Training program focuses on significant issues such as: The Financial Valuation of Green Buildin g, Green Design Principles, Sustainable Materials and Resources, Operation and Management of green buildings, Managing Green Building Projects;


Acknowledged and awarded the green building project of the year, the sustainable company of the year and the green innovation of the year within the "Green Awards" gala event organized by RoGBC; Initiated successful projects such as "Green Mortgages" for the banking sector Green Building Innovation Center in Bucharest, "Green Schools"…etc Organized over 100 events and p rofessional workshops on sustainable construction;


Developed and supported a website and a blog that provides latest and most comprehensive information on green construction in Romania; RoGBC Transilvania chapter will benefit from a customized website dedicate to actions and news coming from the region;


Organizes informal meet-ups called "Green Cafes" that attracts participation from people interested in the development and improvement of the Romanian construction environment;


Successfully organized the international conference "Build Green CEE" that jointed 14 American and European Green Building Councils;


Collaborates with government agencies and promotes at local, national and international level regulatory framework that fosters the development of a sustainable built environment;


Implements an exemplary renovation pilot project within an office building in order to increase the energy performance and reduce the environmental impact by using techniques and principles enshrined in green construction. The upcoming pilot project aims at implementing an exemplary new construction that will achieve the "net zero energy consumption" objective;


Adopts, develops and implements national green building standard and certification system based on a collaboration with World Green Build ing Council and national/international experts.

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Next steps:

For more details, those interested in RoGBC Transil vania should contact:

Dorin BEU Ph.D - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +40 72 3 661 536

Elena RASTEI – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +40 756 271 528

For information related to the association procedure, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +40 21 260 00 51: +40 21 222 00 11