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RoGBC Related

Sustainable Site Selection and Management, Bucharest  
Location : RoGBC office, str Ialomicioarei, no 21, disctrict 1, Bucharest
From: Monday 08 April 2013, 09:00
To: Monday 08 April 2013, 17:30

A full day course to educate professionals on the importance of selecting a proper site for the purposes of constructing and operating green building.


Investors need to have a clear understanding of the requirements of green buildings before they make their land purchases. While increasingly desired by investors, the internationally recognized green building rating tools (such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, etc.) penalize those who are developing building sites without regard to the biodiversity value and other ecological impacts, public transit availability, and other sustainable siteing and management considerations.


Caveat Emptor or better…  “Know Before you Buy!”


Details of the course:


1.      Gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of brownfield development including remediation and credit for green building certification;

2.      Learn about assessing biodiversity value and innovative programs to minimize cost while maximizing ecological benefit and land value;

3.      Understand new legal requirements (including, for example, recent changes for liability for soil toxicity);

4.      Find out about the relation of site selection and management to international green building certifications.








9:00 am - Coffee and registration

9:30 am - 5:30 pm - Training*


*Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided.


The prices for attending this course are:

  • RoGBC member -  pay in advance - individual course -> 195 Euro
    RoGBC member -  pay on the day - individual course -> 235 Euro
    Non-member  -  pay in advance - individual course -> 295 Euro
    Non-member  -  pay on the day - individual course -> 325 Euro

Location: To be confirmed




Jeffrey M. Hudson

CEM, SEP - Executive Vice President of F&R Worldwide (Froehling & Robertson)

Mr. Hudson attended Randolph-Macon College where he studied Biology and Chemistry and Virginia Commonwealth University for Organic Chemistry and has over 24 years of experience in the environmental and engineering fields most of which has been devoted to Brownfields, remediation and risk management.

Mr. Hudson works with developers, community leaders, financial institutions and industry on sustainable site selection and site development both in the United States and internationally.   Many of these projects have involved LEED certification work, sustainable development, as well as innovative remediation solutions.  Mr. Hudson is involved with both the Romania Green Building Council and the U.S. Green Building Council.