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RoGBC Related

RoGBC Related

Legal Requirements and Voluntary Certification for Green Buildings in Romania, Bucharest  
Location : RoGBC office, str Ialomicioarei, no 21, disctrict 1, Bucharest
From: Wednesday 10 October 2012, 09:00
To: Wednesday 10 October 2012, 16:30


A full day course to advise and prepare the participants on in force and impending European and National legislation and emerging international building rating / certification tools that is dramatically changing how buildings are designed, constructed, operated and deconstructed. Among other legal topics, the course covers European legislation including the upgraded Energy Performance for Buildings Directive and Construction Waste Directive as well as national legislation changes. In addition, participants will learn about the internationally recognized building rating tools that are increasingly demanded by investors, developers and building owners in the domestic, regional, and international markets.
9:00 am - Coffee and registration

9:30 am - 4:30 pm - Training*

*Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided.

If you register but do not attend or cancel your registration 4 days prior to the event, you will have to pay for your catering expenses.

Location: RoGBC office, str Ialomicioarei, no 21, disctrict 1, Bucharest. Map is availablehere.

The prices for attending this course were:

  • RoGBC member - individual -> 125 Euro
  • Non-member - individual -> 195 Euro


Luiza Manolea- Attorney at Law

degree in European Studies, Official Lawyer at the Luiza Manolea Law Office

Mrs. Manolea is a graduate of the Law School/ University of Bucharest/ Romania and holds a Masters degree in European Studies of the Franco-Romanian Juridical College Paris/ France. She is practicing law as  an independent attorney-at-law in Bucharest, being specialized in sustainable construction law, renewable energy legislation, public procurement law and business law.

Elena Rastei - Sustainability Researcher


BA, LEED AP| vice-president of The Institute for Ecotechnology and Applied Research - ECA | lecturer at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Elena holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philology from the University of Alba Iulia and conducted master studies within the program „Sustainability and Environmental Management‟ at Harvard University, Massachusetts. She is pursuing a Masters Program in ‘’Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment’’, a joint degree in Engineering and Architecture at Cambridge University, UK. The main focus of her research work includes indoor environmental quality, urban mining and closed loop economy.

She provides sustainability consultancy services in LEED, BREEAM and DGNB, designs workshops for the formal and non-formal education sector, lectures in „Sustainable Buildings‟ at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca-CPADDD and is involved in humanitarian writing.

ECA Institute is one of the founding members of Zero Waste Romania initiative which promotes the closed loop economy concept.