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Smart City Industry Awards Gala  
Location : NORD Events Center by Globalworth - 4B George Constantinescu Street, Bucharest
From: Thursday 04 April 2024, 16:00
To: Thursday 04 April 2024, 21:30


RoGBC is an institutional partner of the event.

Smart cities represent the future of sustainable urban development, and the Smart City Industry Awards (SCIA) Gala brings to the fore the most innovative projects and initiatives shaping this future. The 8th edition of the SCIA Gala, which will take place on April 4, marks a crucial moment in the transformation of Romanian cities into more efficient, connected and, above all, sustainable communities.

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Organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and in partnership with Urban Scope, the event brings together leaders from public administration, the private sector and the academic environment to discuss, award and promote the best smart city projects and solutions. In an era where climate change and the need for sustainable development are more pressing than ever, SCIA positions itself as the ideal platform to inspire and accelerate the adoption of green policies and technologies.

This year's edition focuses on projects that contribute to sustainability goals, from green urban mobility solutions to advanced technologies for energy efficiency and waste management. This focus is not accidental. It is the direct response to the need to build cities that respond to environmental, economic and societal challenges in a balanced and innovative way.

The opening conference, "Bucharest Smart Energy Summit", will discuss topics such as the integration of renewable energies in urban infrastructure, increasing energy efficiency in buildings and the use of smart technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of cities. This conference underscores SCIA's commitment to promoting a greener and cleaner urban future.

Attending the SCIA Gala is a unique opportunity for RoGBC members to connect with industry leaders, learn about the latest innovations and explore new partnerships to support our cities' sustainability goals. It is also a platform to showcase the efforts and achievements of our members in the field of green building and sustainable urban development.

We invite you to join the community of leaders, decision-makers and experts at the SCIA Gala on April 4 to celebrate and inspire change towards smarter and more sustainable cities.

"Romania has become a real landmark and center of innovation in terms of smart cities, and this fact is confirmed by the continuous increase in the number of projects dedicated to the transformation of our localities into modern and connected urban or rural entities. From small initiatives to ambitious projects at the national level, our collective efforts demonstrate our commitment and ability to adopt and implement innovative technologies to improve the quality of life and transform the urban environment into a more sustainable and efficient one.These initiatives are not only examples of excellence in technology and sustainability , but also fundamental pillars in building a more promising future for all our citizens. It is essential to highlight and publicly recognize these remarkable efforts because they serve as a source of inspiration and a model for other communities, thus helping to expand and strengthen the movement towards cities or smart communes in the entire country"

- Eduard Dumitrașcu, president of ARSC.

At the SCIA Gala, the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, the Mayor of Sector 6 and the President of the SCIA 8 Jury, Ciprian Ciucu, and other representatives of the public and private sectors will talk about Romania's potential in the field of Smart City. More than 400 participants are expected at the event - leaders, decision-makers and representatives of the largest technology companies.

About the Romanian Association for Smart City:

The Romanian Smart City Association is dedicated to promoting innovation and advanced technological solutions for the sustainable development of smart cities in Romania and around the world. ARSC is a non-governmental organization established in 2016 that, together with more than 350 members and partners, encourages innovation, digitization and new technologies as means to transform local communities into smart and sustainable cities, developing efficient and sustainable solutions for cities and communities in Romania.

The Smart City Industry Awards Gala, the 8th edition is organized under the Patronage of the Ministry of Energy and in partnership with EIT Urban Mobility, a body of the European Union.

Main Partner: Urban Scope
Platinum partners: Magus by Mira Technologies, Glovo, eMobility Rentals
Gold Partners: Bosch, Swarco, Telelink, Scope Systems, Neexpansion, Anadolu Automobil Rom, Vantage Towers, SMS Ticketing, Scala Assistance, Top Metrology, Bitcoin IoT, Parko Mobility
Institutional Partners: ICI Bucharest, Elcen, Romanian Post, RoGBC
Media Partners: Phoenix Media, Profit News,, Agerpres, Radio Romania Current Affairs, Aleph News, IQAds, People and Companies, Matek, City Hall Guide
Ambassadors of the Experience: La Fântâna, Kafune