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PRIA Fire Safety of Buildings 2024 Conference  
From: Tuesday 02 April 2024, 09:30
To: Tuesday 02 April 2024, 14:00

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Take part in the 12th edition of the PRIA Fire Safety of Buildings conference to debate together how we can apply all these changes and how it is better to implement them in our legislation, but also to discover what are the best building materials, systems and projects for building fire safety and energy efficiency!

The only event that deepens the topic of building security in case of fire in Romania, but also the energy efficiency of buildings! The only event with active debates and presentations of legislation, new products and active networking and exhibition!

The only event that deepens the topic of building fire safety in Romania and energy efficiency - this year's edition also has an exhibition.

Furthermore, in Romania, most buildings do not have a fire safety certificate! As a novelty, the technical regulation on fire safety of buildings was recently updated. We need to know what it provides and how it will be applied!

Why do we need to address building fire safety again this year? What about energy efficiency?

Because our way of life has changed. Society is changing, technology is changing, our needs are constantly changing.

We know that the nature of buildings is changing: the construction industry is developing new innovative solutions that existing regulation and testing regimes have not overcome.

Interested in exhibiting?

Present your fire protection and prevention solutions, as well as those for energy efficiency at the only large-scale event in Romania that addresses integrated themes - building fire safety and energy efficiency!

A must-attend for anyone focused on improving life safety, energy efficiency!

The fire safety of buildings has become an increasingly important topic at European level year by year. The European Commission created the Information Exchange Platform for Fire.

Also important is the energy efficiency of buildings and their renovation. It increases energy efficiency but can also increase the risk of fires. Are we ready in 2024 to face it? More and more programs are opened by the Ministry of Environment regarding green buildings!

It represents the annual meeting of representatives from the authorities together with experts in the field of fires, firefighters, associations and manufacturers of construction materials, systems, companies from different sectors such as: real estate developers, supermarket chains, hotels, logistics warehouses, material manufacturers, cameras trade and embassies, NGOs and homeowner associations, Parliament and Senate representatives, architects, investors, insurers, banks, lawyers and media representatives.

On the other hand, the energy efficiency of buildings is becoming a necessity in Europe, to reduce heating and cooling bills for buildings, for comfort and especially to reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming. 75% of buildings in the European Union need energy efficiency and the necessary measures must be taken to increase fire safety.

(Inter)national experts present the latest developments and perspectives of recent research in the field of fire safety and firefighting.

Cables, building materials and finishes that may involve fire resistance, lighting products / programs and products for energy efficiency / Legislation / Collaboration between designers / developers / builders and material suppliers

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