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National Real Estate Fare  
Location : Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
From: Friday 04 October 2019, 00:00
To: Sunday 06 October 2019, 00:00

TNI organizers launch the first mobile application: FREE ENTRY and quick access to information!


The most awaited real estate event of the year takes place between 4th and 6th October at the Parliament Palace, and visitors have FREE ACCESS with the mobile application "TNI" which is just launched!

"TNI" is the FIRST MOBILE APPLICATION dedicated to a real estate event, and through it the organizers improve the VISITORS experience and acces to LATEST NEWS, while inovating and simplifing their direct contact with the exhibitors.

Download NOW the TNI mobile app and you have FREE ACCES!


Here are some of the functions and advantages of using the "TNI" mobile app:

  • immediate and permanent access to the latest real estate news, press releases and articles about TNI and the event's exhibitors;
  • VISITORS have FREE ACCES to the EVENT, based on the TNI app !!!
  • VISITORS can set up their contact details and generate a QR code directly from the application;
  • VISITOR'S QR codes can be modified, added and corrected at any time, directly in the application;
  • VISITORS can show their own QR code to the exhibitors they choose and they receive instantly their contact details;
  • EXHIBITORS can mark, filter and sort the contact details of the VISITORS they scanned, and generate list in order to send them customized offers to every potential client;
  •  EXHIBITORS can scan QR codes of the visitors and have immediate access to the contact information provided by visitors;
  • VISITORS have permanent access to informations about the TNI event: access path, visiting hours, maps, etc
  • VISITORS, directly from the TNI app, can navigate from where they are to TNI, using Google Maps, Waze or even UBER; 


During the 3 days of the National Real Estate Fair TNI you can find the best real estate companies, the main financial institutions, offers of houses, apartments, new and old properties, holiday homes, lands, office spaces, commercial spaces for rent or sale, investment opportunities and complete consulting and management services.

Among the exhibiting companies we mention :Pro Capital Development, Plaza Residence, Palladium Residence, Pipera Apartments, Nordis Residence, Străulești Apartments, Ideal Residence, OTP Bank, TripleA Residence,  Quadra Trees, ISG Residence, Moghioroș Park, Casa del Mar, Rollux Construct, Estimobiliar, First Residence, Libra Bank, Greenfield, Boemia Apartments, Cristal Houses etc.


For 15 years, TNI has been the reference event of the Romanian real estate market!

Organizer: BDOBC Business Center

International Partners: International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI),  National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Asociația Națională Imobiliară din Bulgaria (NREA)

Partners: Pro Capital Development, Exigent, Străulești Apartments, Palladium Residence, Romania Green Building Council,

Powered by;

Event organized with the support of:

Media Partners: Casa și grădina; Real Estate Magazine;; Agerpres; Mediafax; Curierul Național; Practic-Idei pentru casă, grădina și apartament;; Știrile; Arena Construcțiilor; Jurnalul de Afaceri; Business Adviser; Business Point;;; Business 24; Ș; Caseșigră;;      ;; Rezidenț; Anunț;; etc.



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