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Managing Green Building Projects  
From: Thursday 10 March 2011, 00:00
To: Thursday 10 March 2011, 00:00
  • "Romania Green Building Professional" Series

A full day course focused on best practices for managing successful green building projects. The course covers, among other topics, key sustainable construction principles including "Integrated Design", obtaining optimal performance results from project partners, and the proper commissioning of completed building projects. Course participants will be exposed to very ambitious but achievable performance goals including the "plus-energy" concept where buildings contribute more energy than they consume; a critical concept for the near future due to the approaching EU legislation and concerns about rising energy prices and scarcity.

The prices for attending this course are:

  • RoGBC member - individual -> 125 Euro
  • Non-member - individual -> 195 Euro

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Trainers - Dipl. Ing. Hannes Guddat - Soap Architecture, Steven Borncamp - RoGBC, Alinda Dudu - Epstein Engineering, Silvia Demeter-Lowe - Context Arhitecture

Hannes Guddat is a founder and managing partner for soap “sustainability office for architectural projects” with extensive architecture, engineering and consultation experience in the design, construction and operation of top performing green buildings. Hannes was a member of the winning project team of the U.S. Department of Energy's "Solar Decathlon" in 2007 producing a "Net Positive" energy building through energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy. He is a graduate of the Technical Universit y in Darmstadt Germany; a world leader in green building education a nd research.

Solar Decathlon 2007

During his professional life, he has worked for many years as a researcher at both Fraunhofer and TU Darmstadt. At soap he successfully conducted several consultancies for energy concepts and modernizations for companies such as Stiebel-Eltron or the municipality of Darmstadt. His major work achievement is the leading role in developing the oxNRG+ trademark, a consultation project to build competitive PlusEnergy homes following an customer-specific overall sustainability concept, results from intensive engineering and simulation as well as the integration into the company’s planning and building process.

Hannes had conducted a highly-regarded lecture for the RoGBC in 2009 highlighting his projects and best practices.

Steven Borncamp, is a founder and President of the Romania Green Building Council and Chairman of Build Green Central Eastern Europe. He has extensive experience helping to develop a comprehensive and proficient marketplace of green building solution providers and building projects. Steve is currently leading three exemplary green building projects and has over ten years of successful project management experience. He is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

Alina Dudu, works as senior architect and sustainability analyst for Epstein Architecture and Engineering in Bucharest. She has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture and collaborated with UrbanProiect in the writing of a guide for the protection of the ecologically fragile areas. She is currently involved in the LEED certification process of two office buildings in Bucharest, the first buildings in Bucharest seeking this type of green certification.

Arh. Silvia Demeter-Lowe, has an experience of ten years in the architectural conservation and the ecological architecture in Great Britain. She graduated the Ion Mincu Architecture and Urbanism Institute and the Oxford Brookes University the architectural conservation specialty, and benefited from the SPAB scholarship (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, UK). She was also involved in the research, approval and promotion of ecological construction materials and worked with a varied range of green projects, from distribution centers (Adnams Brewery, Suffolk UK) to the reabilitation of rural settlements in Transilvania. At the moment she works in Romania at her own architecture office, SC Context Architecture SRL.


The course will be held at the RoGBC office - str Ialomicioarei, nr 21, district 1. Map is available here.

Single family home Semi-detached home

from the oxNRG+ home developments