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RoGBC Related

RoGBC Related

LEED Project Experience  
Location : online
From: Wednesday 03 January 2018, 00:00
To: Wednesday 21 March 2018, 00:00

The course allows participants to gain practical experience in the application of the LEED V4 LEED BD+C rating system. This is a highly interactive course allowing participants to engage in discussions, work through problems and accomplish various LEED specific tasks from the initial exploration phase until the construction phase of a real project. The course also teaches best management LEED project management practices preparing participants to apply this to their own LEED projects. In addition, the experience gained during this course allows participants to be prepared for the practical questions that are part of the LEED AP BD+C exam.


  • RoGBC members - 600 euro
  • RoGBC non-members - 750 euro


Module 1: Introduction
- Presentation of the project
- The LEED Work Plan part 1
- Application of the Location and Transportation Credits

Module 2: Exploration Phase
- The LEED work plan part 1
- Application of the Integrative Design Credit
- Application of the Sustainable Sites Credits

Module 3: Design Phase part 1
- Innovation Credits and Pilot Credits
- Application of the Water Efficiency Credits
- Application of the Material Credits

Module 4: Design Phase part 2
- Application of Energy and Atmosphere Credits
- LEED Project Management Tools
- LEED Online

Module 5: Design Phase part 3
- Application of Indoor Environmental Quality Credits
- Documentation and Calculations
- Submittal Process

Module 6: Construction Phase
- The implementation of LEED credits on the construction site
- Project Management Tools for Construction
- Best Management Practices during construction

Duration - 12 weeks

6 online sessions (shared with the LEED AP Exam Prep Course)
20 videos + PDF with video content (600 minutes of video)
Required self-study time estimated at 8 hours per week.
4 Group Assignments with video conferencing
Additional resources
100+ Multiple Choice questions

This course is organized in parallel and offered in combination with the LEED AP BD+C Prep Course. The combination of both courses allows students to understand the technical credit requirements and apply them to a real project. This combination allows students to get a more profound understanding of the LEED BD+C requirements. 

Required time commitment

In total the students will have to take into account that they will need to dedicate 96 hours to this course. This includes watching the videos, taking practice tests, work on individual and group tasks as well as and self-study. Since the course lasts 12 weeks, they will need to invest + /- 8 hours per week. This course however is offered in combination with the LEED AP BD+C course.  

Learning objectives
- Gain actual experience in a LEED registered project.
- Understand how to manage a LEED Certification project as a LEED Project Manager.
- Be actively involved in a LEED registered project.
- Obtain practical experience required for the LEED AP BD+C exam 

Recommended prior knowledge
Participants need to know the LEED core concepts and preferably have passed the LEED GA exam. 

Target Audience
For professionals who are familiar with LEED and want to gain actual experience in a LEED certified project in order to get trained to manage a LEED Certification project under the BD+C rating system. The professionals involved can be promoters, architects, constructors, designers or any other professional with an interest in developing sustainable LEED certified building projects and/or would like to have access to a LEED AP Specialty exam.  

Teacher´s Bio:
Emmanuel Pauwels has been working as a LEED Consultant for the last 5 years on a variety of projects in different European countries. He has also been giving online and live courses on the LEED rating system both in the Spanish and the English language. Over the last 4 years over 700 students participated in his courses helping many of them to become a Green Associate and LEED Accredited Professional.

He is currently a teacher in the University of Barcelona, where he is responsible for the LEED related courses, which are part of a post graduate program. Emmanuel is using a social collaboration platform for his online courses allowing him to make the courses a unique and interactive online experience. 

- Bachelor in Applied Economic Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium
- Bachelor in Commercial Engineering, University of Antwerp, Belgium
- Continued Education: Sustainable Construction at Harvard University, USA
- LEED Accredited Professional BD&C
- LEED Accredited Professional O+M
- USGBC LEED Faculty


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