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RoGBC Related

Green Design Principles  
Location : Bucharest
From: Monday 04 July 2011, 08:00
To: Monday 04 July 2011, 17:00
  • "Romania Green Building Professional" Series

A full day course focused on the principles of green building design.

This integrated course delivered a practical overview on sustainable building projects from Mr. Emilio Miguel Mitre’s experience worldwide.

The topics included the basics on bioclimatic and sustainable architectural design and local case studies.

This course was a required course for those seeking the “Romania Green Building Professional” certification.

The course will be only in English and we apologize but we cannot provide translation.




The prices for attending this course are:

  • RoGBC member - individual -> 125 Euro
  • Non-member - individual -> 195 Euro

If you register but do not attend or cancel your registration 4 days prior to the event, you will have to pay for your catering expenses.

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Emilio Miguel Mitre

Mr. Emilio Miguel Mitre’s experience in bioclimatic design dates back 27 years. He has worked as Technical Director of Desarrollos Tecnicos de la Madera, a private company devoted to the manufacturing of wooden structure buildings. Since 1989 he has focused his activity on sustainable building design and construction, according to a concept named AMBIENTECTURA, which integrates bioclimatic architecture and engineering processes in buildings.

Mr. Emilio Miguel Mitre has participated as an energy consultant and coordinator in various European Union projects including Energy Comfort 2000, BEST 2000, Pascool, SunRise and Regen Link and has acted as energy efficiency projects evaluator on behalf of the EU Commission.

In 2001 Mr. Emilio Miguel Mitre, together with colleague architect Carlos Exposito Mora founded ALIA, Arquitectura, Energia y Medio Ambiente s.l., one of the best known sustainable architecture practices in Spain. ALIA’s approach is aimed at achieving high profile energy and environmental results in a building as usual scenario, thanks to efficient architectural designs.

Since 2010, Mr. Emilio Miguel Mitre is a member of the Steering Commitee and of the Policies Taskforce, and Education Taskforce Chair of WorldGBC's European Regional Network.

Mr. Emilio Miguel Mitre is very active in education, communication and dissemination activities, with numerous articles, lectures and presentations in professional and academic forums.