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RoGBC Related

RoGBC Related

Workshop: Green Homes with RoGBC  
Location : AFI Cotroceni - Cinema City, Bucharest
From: Monday 28 November 2016, 12:30
To: Monday 28 November 2016, 14:30

The Romania Green Building Council has developed a low cost but comprehensive Green Homes certification to assess and recognize the top performing residential projects utilizing sustainable construction principles. Financial and technical modeling have proven that investing in sensible measures for energy efficiency and other green building attributes for homes will improve housing quality, reduce the total monthly cost of ownership for the homeowner, allow for higher sales prices for the project developer/investor, and substantially reduce the financial risk for the bank offering the mortgage on the home

Fifteen residential projects representing over 4.500 residential units have been certified or in-process to obtain the certification across Romania. Download here the RoGBC Green Homes & Green Mortgages Toolkit for Residential Investors.

RoGBC offers workshops – relevant to all persons working in the residential building community - to explain the program and provide a chance to ask questions and network with professionals active in the market.

Workshop Topics include:

-   General description of the program
-   The business case for obtaining a Green Homes certified by RoGBC designation
-   How can a residential project developer meet the Green Homes criteria?
-   Examples of Green Homes qualified completed and in-process residential projects in Romania
-   What is a Green Mortgage?
-   How can providers of green building solutions (services, materials, technology, and other products) become Green Homes Approved Solution Providers?
-   Questions & Answers

Special Event

The Romania Green Building Council has invited NEO World from Austria to present their experience in creating “holistic green technology concepts” including solar power, energy storage solutions, electric mobilityand more.   The company is involved in many amazing, 21st century projects including net-positive energy homes and a rental fleet of Teslas and other premium electric vehicles for companies and individuals.

Neo – Natural Energy Organisation GmbH is an Austrian well known start up Company that has dedicated their business activitiesto holistic renewable energy projects. Their main fields are smart solar power solutions combined with energy storage systems and electric mobility solutions. Neo already planned and installed over 2 MW peak solar power and over 250 energy storage systems from Sonnen GmbH Germany together with their partner “Enersolutione.U.” with a total capacity of 1.500 kWhwithin the last 3 years.

In 2015 they started a new business renting electric vehicles to their customers to enhance their holistic approach further to the new era of mobility. They started with a local fleet of 3 Tesla Model S vehicles and as of today “ecar-rent” - their rental fleet brand -  is the no. 1 provider for electric cars in central Europe. Today, ecar-rent has 15 pick up stations in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Switzerland with over 50 electric cars, most of them Tesla Model S and Model X. The“ecar-rent” fleet has driven over 1.5 million “electrical” km and they installed almost 100 charging stations with over 1.500 kW of charging power.

“Neo” is confidentthat with only a holistic approach renewable solutions can be affordable and successful in the future – it is not only about putting as many solar panels on the roofs but to use the energy as smart and efficient as with todays technical solutions possible.

NEO World’s presentation immediately follows the Green Homes workshop.

-          Comparison of solar power with and without storage in a single family home 1.500.000 km in electric cars – first hand  experience and what to prepare for a post- 2020 “Net Zero” world

-          Future market for Battery storage systems in Europe


MONICA ARDELEANU Ph.D.Executive Director, Romania Green Building Council

Monica is responsible for all areas of the development and operations of the Romania Green Building Council.  She is leading Romania's project team for the BUILD UPON project Horizon 2020 project of the European Commission to assist Member States in improving the design and implementation of their national renovation strategies. She is involved in other two research projects URBAN WINS and OERCO2 on urban metabolism, construction waste management and life cycle assessment.  She brings significant expertise in international business development working with top multinational companies in the Information Technology, Construction and Real Estate Industries. She is experienced in institutional relations, network and cluster development, sustainability management and training, event management and communication. Monica served as a Member of the Board for Construction21 AISBL and member of the Policy Task Force of World Green Building Council European Regional Network.  She was a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Group for Italy’s Confindustria trade association. She earned a Masters in Sustainable Management and a PhD in Environmental Economics from University of Naples Parthenope in Italy and is the author or co-author of multiple research articles published and presented at international conferences.


STEVEN BORNCAMPLead Author, RoGBC Green Homes & Green Mortgage Program, Founder & Advisor, Romania Green Building Council

Steven has assisted the development of eight Green Building Councils in Europe, served as the elected Chair of the Europe Green Building Council Network’s Education Taskforce, and led a successful campaign to promote the Living Building Challenge in Europe as well as other deep green initiatives. Steven and his team created and launched “Brightest! Greenest! Buildings”; a pan-European virtual exhibition and conference series, multiple “Build Green Central Eastern Europe” conferences, an influential green buildings awards program, and numerous other green building initiatives for the region including in the areas of policy advocacy and green finance.

He has worked effectively to create a comprehensive and proficient marketplace for green building solution providers and is currently leading four exemplary green building demonstration projects. As a founding partner of, he and the RoGBC team were responsible for international development and content development for this online platform dedicated to advancing best practices in green building. has now reached over 16.000 registered construction and real estate professionals.


CHRISTIAN FRIESBsc. founder of Neo – Natural Energy OrganisationGmbH and ecar-rent

Chris studied Architecture at the University of Graz and moved to the US in 2010 where he was involved in several renewable energy projects including the U.S. Department to Energy’s 2010 Solar Decathlon  He worked as Project Manager for Immofinanz in Vienna and Graz until founding in 2013 Neo Natural Energy organization to dedicate his entire time in the field of renewable energy solutions.  After test driving the Tesla Roadster, he reached out early to the company in Palo Alto, CA as he was now convinced that mobility will change towards electric cars.

Today he is all about smart green energy solutions and bringing it to the people, with his company he sees 3 importand pillars for successful renewable energy projects: producing the solar and wind energy where it is needed, store the energy that you can also use it at night or when no energy is produced and think out of the box by using the energy not only on your house but also for your car, or even a boat or plane. He believes that the technical solutions are already available so we just need to but them in place and use them smart to get to a 100% renewable energy community.


MANUEL STROHMAIER Ing. founder of Enersolutione.U. and co founder of ecar-rent

Manuel is “the specialist” for energy storage systems since 2010, being one of the first “Sonnen Batterie” partners for Sonnen GmbH in Germany. He already planned and built over 250 battery storage systems in Austria. Sonnen GmbH goes even one step further and starts the Sonnen Community Project in 2016 with a “swarm” storage system; allowing sharing of produced and stored energy with neighbors in a “swarm community”.


To Register - There is no cost to attend but seats are limited. RoGBC members and invited guests have priority. 

Send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and company to register.


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