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Worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets. Its integrated solutions for the renovation of public and private buildings, light construction and the decarbonization of construction and industry are developed through a continuous innovation process and provide sustainability and performance. The Group’s commitment is guided by its purpose, “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”.

In Romania, Saint-Gobain provides products and solutions from Abrasives, Glass, Pietta Glass Working, Sekurit, Isover, PAM, Rigips, Weber, Duraziv and Chryso brands, with approximately 2000 employees in 14 industrial sites located in Brănești, Călărași, Ploiești, Satu-Mare, Turda, Suceava, Vălenii de Munte, Popești Leordeni and Ariceștii Rahtivani.


Saint-Gobain products:

Saint-Gobain ISOVER manufactures and distributes mineral wool-based insulation solutions for construction, transport and industrial applications, nZEB building solutions with "near-zero energy consumption", offering thermal comfort, energy savings and fire safety, contributing at the same time to increasing acoustic comfort and protecting the environment.

Saint-Gobain ISOVER develops complete solutions to guarantee the durability of buildings and the safety of their inhabitants, both for new and renovated buildings, creates effective thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to design energy-efficient buildings, to provide comfort and safety to users and to protect the environment.

Thanks to its reputation as a supplier of high-performance solutions, but also to the additional details of technical consulting, Saint-Gobain ISOVER is a true partner for builders, designers, specialists, distributors and the general public.

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Saint-Gobain Rigips designs, manufactures and distributes plaster products, wall systems, ceilings and innovative products that improve well-being in the spaces where people live and experience.

Varied range of high-quality performance products, as well as complete solutions to meet the needs of thermal comfort, acoustics, moisture protection and fire resistance.

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Saint-Gobain Weber produces mortars based on cement and synthetic resins: adhesives for ceramic cladding, adhesives and decorative plasters for thermally insulated facades (ETICS) or classics, solutions for masonry, plastering, screeds.

The wide range of latest generation mortars are intended for construction and renovation works, the result having a high aesthetic level and offering increased comfort.

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