Quartier Azuga – by STC Partners

Bucharest, Romania

Quartier Azuga was designed to represent a way of life, not just a place where you sleep, eat or work. It is the home that gives you positive emotions, contentment and intense joy from the very beginning, from the moment you move in.

Every detail has been carefully analyzed and considered in the development of the Quartier Azuga concept, to ensure the optimal experience for the future community. The project is created as a mini-district, reinforced with knowledge, sophistication and a lot of passion.

Located in a green area, overlooking the lake, the complex is distinguished by its uniqueness, conferred both by the tranquility and the relaxing views around the complex (facing the lake), the efficient compartmentalization of the apartments and the multiple facilities that the residents will enjoy.

Quartier Azuga will undoubtedly become a landmark project in the area and the community will enjoy a very high quality of life.