Cluster pRO-nZEB

The Pro-nZEB cluster is a non-profit association, legally established at the beginning of 2016, in order to promote the concept of building with almost zero energy consumption (nZEB) in Romania, in order to reduce to elimination of greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse effect generated by the use of buildings, aiming at the development of market-oriented research in the field of energy efficient buildings in Romania. The main objectives are to promote competitive products and technological solutions for new and existing buildings, leading to the penetration of the construction market in Romania of buildings with energy consumption almost equal to zero in terms of construction, operation and post-use.

In this context, it aims to support collaboration between key players in the construction market, representative research and development and education organizations, public authorities, professional associations and other organizations acting as catalysts, in order to create and improve collaborative relationships for development and implementation. the nZEB concept in Romania. It is desired to ensure an offer of systematic and prospective analysis of the possibilities of effective implementation of the nZEB concept in the Romanian construction market and to create a solid basis for an efficient management of resources in Romanian buildings. In parallel, alone or in a network, the component units of the cluster will contribute to the development of an excellent research, increasing the visibility of the cluster, including in the academic environment.