Bucharest, Romania

Central District 4 Elemente is located in the central area of ​​Bucharest, on 7 Fizicienilor Street, a perfectly positioned place to quickly reach the vibrant areas of the city, but sufficiently low-key to feel the protection of a quiet community.

Central District 4 Elements means: Air, represented by large, spacious areas, from terraces and balconies that can receive tables with chairs to enjoy the morning coffee to generous receptions and large circulations; Water, represented by 3 large pools and garden fountains, located in the common yard of the blocks; Earth, represented by more than 2500 square meters of green spaces, with flower gardens, large trees and a promenade area; Fire, represented by about 500 square meters allocated to the social area, with bar, grill, sun umbrellas, tables, chairs, and an outdoor cinema – spaces that encourage discussions and building friendships between neighbors. All these elements prove that there are no houses without soul and real estate development without a community.

All apartments were carefully designed with attention every detail - proportions, natural and artificial light, the best possible view and the minimum maintenance costs.

The project is due to be completed in August 2020.