Casa Monica

Modena, Italy

This single-family building has achieved the top Platinum level with 89 points out of 110 according to the GBC HOME 2011 protocol; representing a model of sustainability with respect for the historical and architectural conditions of the building. The structure of the basement is made of reinforced concrete, while the floors above ground are made using prefabricated wooden structures.

The integrated energy production system involves the use of solar thermal, geothermal and photovoltaic, combined with a heat pump; no fossil fuel is used. The further optimization of energy consumption is achieved during the summer season by a free cooling system, which allows in some phases of the summer season to be able to cool the house directly through the energy supplied by the ground, without the need to use the heat pump compressors. It is also equipped with a heat recovery controlled mechanical ventilation system with recovery yields exceeding 90%. The air exchange system during the summer season has the function of dehumidifying the rooms.