Casa Capristo

Ranica, Italy

This project is a renovation of an existing house built in 1990 to make it highly efficient and sustainable. The project moved from the use of classic systems for heating, lighting and irrigation to the use of electricity from renewable sources. A photovoltaic system with amorphous panels was installed. The heating system was built with radiant floor systems supplied by a heat pump and solar thermal panels and produced domestic hot water eliminating the gas supply.

The entire building is equipped with air treatment with continuous recirculation inside the individual rooms to guarantee indoor air quality. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and reused for watering the garden and through an integrated system for the toilets. The electrical system is realized with a domotic system in particular for the control of electrical loads that guarantees to be able to fully use the photovoltaic system.

The envelope was made of wood fiber, to ensure maximum contribution from the thermal and acoustic point of view and together with the laid parquet have PEFC certification.

The windows are in wood-like aluminum and wood, with triple glazing and high transmittance performance. There are external shading systems such as sun-shadings that can be adjusted and integrated with the home automation system to guarantee maximum internal lighting in the individual rooms.