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RoGBC Related

Energy efficiency in construction. Market opportunities  
From: Thursday 29 March 2012, 08:00
To: Thursday 29 March 2012, 17:00
  • 29 March, 2012, Bucharest



The RoGBC was a partener with Bursa Constructiilor in organizing the "Energy efficiency in construction. Market opportunities " conference, gathering a professional audience - opinion-makers in the construction market - those who actually influence project initiation, design and implementation in civil and industrial construction.

In the construction field, the beneficiaries - owners or tenants - are increasingly interested in reducing their maintenance costs of buildings. In addition, the European Union requires increasing energy efficiency. As a result, new opportunities arise for the sale of materials, products and technologies.

The conference "Energy efficiency in construction. Market opportunities” is adjusted to the new trend. Conference debates topics of interest for major developers, contractors, designers and architects, consultants in implementing energy efficiency measures.
At the same time, the conference brings to the attention of the specialized public the directions in construction demand, materials and technologies required by the new trends

The topics discussed
A. What are the measures planned by the EU to increase energy efficiency of buildings? When will  the thermal rehabilitation of public buildings become mandatory?
B. All buildings will have to meet certain energy efficiency standards. What are these requirements?
c. How significant is for investors and developers the application of measures to increase the energy efficiency of buildings?


Special guest

* Pau Garcia Audí , Project Officer, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), Unit 2 - Intelligent Energy Europe, European Commission



  • Eugen Curteanu, State Secretary, Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism
  • Bogdan Atanasiu, Senior Energy Efficiency Expert, BPIE - Buildings Performance Institute Europe
  • Calin Negoescu, Architect, Westfourth Architecture, partner
  • Paul Lannoye, project director, Atenor Group
  • Aureliu Leca, president Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency
  • Ioan Bejan, RABO- Romanian Association of Building Owners
  • Steven Borncamp,  Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) President
  • Roxana Clodnitzchi, director of Econet from Romanian Germany Chamber of Commerce

Public-specialist audience
The public was estimated at approximately 150 people and consists of:
- Investors and developers
- Contractors
- Designers / architects
- Manufacturers of materials / technologies
- Energy auditors
- Evaluators
- Consultants for energy efficency
- Specialized media
- Representatives of construction associations

RoGBC members benefit from a 10% discount from the registration and sponsorhip fee.



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Information about the organizer
The ”Bursa Constructiilor” Magazine ( is specialized in providing useful information on industrial and civil infrastructure. The magazine has 15 years of uninterrupted appearance and it is part of theBURSA” Media Group (, founded in 1990.

In 2011 “Bursa Constructiilor” organized several special events :