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RoGBC Related

RoGBC Related

Pria Fire Safety of Buildings Conference  
Location : ARCUB (84 – 90 Lipscani St, Bucharest)
From: Friday 08 April 2022, 09:30
To: Friday 08 April 2022, 13:30

Dorin Beu, President of the Transilvania Branch of RoGBC, will participate as a speaker at this event.

PRIAevents organizes the PRIA Fire Safety of Buildings conference, online and on-site on April 8, 2022, starting at 9:30, where we will find out the legislative news, trends and we will discuss how we can apply all these changes and how it is more it is good to implement them in our legislation, but also to discover what are the best construction materials, systems and projects for the fire safety of buildings and for their energy efficiency.

The main partners are Prysmian Group RomaniaDanfoss and Romania Green Building Council.

 Represents the annual meeting of representatives of the authorities with experts in the field of fire, firefighters, associations and manufacturers of construction materials, systems, companies in various sectors such as: real estate developers, supermarket chains, hotels, logistics warehouses, manufacturers of materials, rooms trade and embassies, NGOs and homeowners' associations, representatives of Parliament and the Senate, architects, investors, insurers, banks, lawyers and media representatives.

On the other hand, the energy efficiency of buildings is becoming a necessity in Europe, in order to reduce the heating and cooling bills of buildings, for comfort and especially to reduce the carbon emissions that produce global warming. 75% of buildings in the European Union need energy efficiency and the necessary measures must be taken to increase fire safety.

Green buildings and automation are another extremely important topic on the European agenda.

The European Commission has set up the Fire Information Exchange Platform and for the first time, a European directive includes requirements on the fire safety of buildings. The directive promotes the energy efficiency of buildings and will encourage their renovation. It increases energy efficiency but can also increase the risk of fires. We are ready to face.

There are 5,000 fires a day in the EU! Buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption in Europe and the real estate market, which accounts for about 36% of total CO2 emissions in the Union.

In Romania, most buildings do not have a fire safety certificate! Also, the technical regulations regarding the fire safety of buildings are over 23 years old. Why do we need to tackle building fire safety again this year? But energy efficiency? Because our way of life has changed. Society is changing, technology is changing, our needs are changing.

This means that our homes and office buildings, schools, concert halls, pubs, etc., are also changing:
- We live and work in taller and taller buildings
- We use new products and construction methods both for home and for offices, schools, kindergartens, gyms, stadiums, concert halls.

In Romania, about 200 people die due to the fire and another 600 are hospitalized every year.

We know that the nature of buildings is changing: the construction industry is developing new innovative solutions that the existing regulations and testing regimes have not surpassed. What could be the role of insurers? The automation and materials we use? How do energy companies prevent the risk of fire? How does it contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings? What campaigns do energy companies have in this regard? But what investments do you anticipate for the future? As a result, the behavior of the fire changes. In 1950, a room was engulfed in flames in 25 minutes. It only takes 3 minutes now.

We are drastically changing the way we build, and yet the regulations are not regularly updated to reflect these changes.

The PRIA Fire Safety for Buildings 2022 conference is part of the series of successful conferences organized by PRIAevents in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria. With over 15 years of experience in organizing premium events, the PRIAevents team is recognized for organizing well-documented events in the most representative sectors of the economy and for the most important award ceremonies.

PRIAevents has long been recognized as an independent and equidistant platform for discussions on the most important topics, on legislative changes, policies in all sectors of the economy.

Participate in the 8th edition of the PRIA Fire Safety in Buildings conference to discuss together how we can implement all these changes and how it is better to implement them in our legislation!

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