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RoGBC Related

Creating and Managing Greener Workspaces  
Location : Bucharest
From: Tuesday 05 July 2011, 00:00
To: Tuesday 05 July 2011, 00:00

  • "Romania Green Building Professional" Series

A full day course dedicated to understanding how to design, construct and operate green Workspaces. The course presentes key information on various sustainable office solutions. It includes developing a green office program as well as achieving internationally recognized green building certification.

The event is useful for executives, architects, product designers, technologists, engineers, academics, students, and others interested in exploring ways to benefit from the important shift toward energy efficient and environmentally responsible design principle.




The prices for attending this course are:


  • RoGBC member - individual -> 125 Euro
  • Non-member - individual -> 195 Euro

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For discounts and the complete ten course program please click here.


Steven Borncamp

BA in Economics, MA in International Relations | founder & managing director of SOPOLEC | a founder and president of the Romania Green Building Council from 2008 to present | Chairman of Build Green Central Eastern Europe

Mr. Borncamp holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of California/ San Diego and holds a Masters in International Relations from Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He was an early advocate of sustainable development and socially responsible business having joined in 1993 the First Affirmative Financial Network - one of the pioneering investment companies in the field.

Mr. Borncamp founded SOPOLEC in 2005, an innovative business and technology consultancy company dedicated to supporting and growing environmentally responsible businesses. Through prior work at SOPOLEC and KPMG Consulting / BearingPoint he has provided strategic advice and managed complex business and technology projects for leading companies across the Central and Eastern European region and throughout the United States.

Mr. Borncamp led the team that organized the Romania Green Building Council, two "Build Green Central Eastern Europe" conferences in Bucharest and Budapest and numerous other green building initiatives for the region. He has worked to create a comprehensive and proficient marketplace of green building solution providers, and developed and launched building projects including three exemplary green building demonstration projects.

Elena Tanase

Market Manager Steelcase Romania & Bulgaria

Mrs. Tanase graduated from Politehnica University of Bucharest, Chemistry Engineering Department, post-graduate studies in management in Paris - Collège des Ingénieurs. Since 1995 Mrs Tanase is the Market Manager for Steelcase Romania, worldwide leading office furniture manufacturer. From 2010 Mrs Tanase is the Market Manager for Steelcase Romania and Bulgaria.

Mrs. Tanase participated at numerous events dedicated to A&D, such as the Biannual of Architecture (2006 and 2008 editions) and the Conference for architects GIS (June 2011).

Mihaela Udriste

Senior Project Director Corporate Office Solutions

Mrs. Udriste graduated from Politehnica University of Bucharest, Materials Science and Engineering Department, post-graduate studies in Pedagogy.

Since 1999 Mrs. Udriste is Project Director at Corporate Office Solutions, the leading expert in office design & build services in Romania. Having such an extensive experience Mrs. Udriste is especially good at understanding how an office affects a business's performance.